October 28, 2015


This was our day crammed in to one minute. Not pictured- boys having meltdowns that I was leaving to go to the hospital, Ivy screaming going in to her car seat not wanting to go to the hospital, an hour drive in traffic, a call from a mechanic refusing to fix damage that they created, tears, a port access with no blood return, Ivy going limp in my arms from anesthesia, not being able to pick a now sick Sebastian up from school, FaceTime with Grey + Seb, wishing Greysen a happy last day as a six year old, missing my son waking up as a year older tomorrow… But, even so, Ivy received four chemotherapy drugs today and still managed to smile. Life is unfair, constantly reminded how lucky we really are despite what is going on.

“My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”- Exodus 33:14

3 thoughts on “10/28/2015

  1. Jenn

    I started following you on Instagram before sweet Ivy was diagnosed with cancer. I’ve been praying for your family ever since. Your family is beautiful. And Ivy absolutely melts my heart.

  2. Kristi

    Life is unfair. It really is. You exude strength and your kids will grow up knowing what a strong woman and mother is. Sending love and continued strength to all of you.


  3. lms

    I can’t imagine what your days must be like. You’re such a strong fam, keep it up ♡ You guys are inspiring.

    The video won’t play for me :( it’s just pixelated colors and staticy noise.

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