January 1, 2015



So, here we are! 2015. It’s been quiet around here as I focused more on my family and less time at the computer. I never intended for this blog to become a job; just a place I could share moments and outings with my family, recipes we enjoy, and trials we sometimes face (and overcome!). Thank you to all who have followed us along this year, and the companies we have worked with!

2014 was a whirlwind. We had a move, three children under five, a 70 hour work week, all while counting on at least one afternoon to reconnect with each other. 2014 was the first year I, as a Mother, was completely on my own. When Anthony and I got married, I was still living and relying on my family as I had been since Greysen (and eventually Sebastian) was born and I was a single mom. Anthony and I then saved our pennies and moved after our one year anniversary into our current home. Not that age has anything to do with the stress of being “alone,” but as a 24-year-old I sometimes am like, “Wait! I’ve never done this before!” While looking down and seeing three children relying on me to do or fix said thing. I’m sure I would encounter that at any age though :) we also gained friendships in 2014, which I am so grateful for! I have never been a “girls girl,” but the last half of 2014 was amazing and helped remind me that there’s more to me than being a mom and wife. I think 2014 was also a year to build a stronger marriage, although sometimes testy, as we had no one else at the end of the night but each other– and I’m excited for our marriage to root deeper in 2015.

I’m not one to keep or hold resolutions, but I will be making an effort to be more present and say yes to more things– in Motherhood and marriage alike. This is a year for more clarity and less cloudiness, full mental and physical strength. This year I will be 25, no longer have an infant, have two out of three children in school, and my husband will be home at least one day a week. Cheers to the next 364 days, I have a feeling it’s going be a good one.