August 6, 2015

A Holiday with The Holidays

20150713-IMG_0758 A few weeks ago, we were lucky enough to have a three-day break in Ivy’s treatment to sneak away to San Clemente State Beach. The good people at The Holidays offered us a trailer to beach camp in, and it was perfect! As parents themselves, they understand how hectic camping with kiddos can be. Well, they took the hectic and stress out to create the perfect environment.

At The Holidays, everything is provided. This summer for us has been pretty stressful, to say the least, and I was so hesitant to commit to these three days but I am so glad we did. The only things we had to pack were our swim suits, clothes, sunscreen and food. It was so nice to just get in the car and go. That in itself was worth the stress of transporting chemo to and from the campsite ;)20150713-IMG_0719 20150713-IMG_0729-Edit 20150713-IMG_0730 20150713-IMG_0731 20150713-IMG_0734 20150714-IMG_1040 20150713-IMG_0751 20150713-IMG_0770

How great is that fire pit circle that they have set up? They also have a shed full of fun games and toys for the kids to play with. Again, one less thing to remember to pack. The beach is also just a short walk away! The only real activity we are okayed to do per Ivy’s Oncologist is going to the beach. The boys love playing there (who doesn’t?), so we are all happy with this only outing.
20150713-IMG_0828 20150713-IMG_0836 20150713-IMG_0851 20150713-IMG_0740 20150714-IMG_0948 20150713-IMG_0860 20150713-IMG_0863 20150713-IMG_0879

All of the trailers come equipped with pots, pans, utensils, and even a coffee drip kit. They are also run by solar and have bluetooth speakers, which makes any night at the campsite fun. It was so fun to be in close quarters all night, wake up with each other, and then throw bacon on the skillet while watching the kids play in dirt outside. You can get a full list of amenities here.
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The trip was a blast, and although it was only three days, it was such a nice break from the ridiculously crazy summer we have had. My mom guilt runs deep when it comes to the boys and how short their summer was cut. Not saying that they didn’t have a blast all summer at Grandma’s house (where we have stayed, two minutes from the hospital– update on that later), but this obviously was not the summer we had planned to have. Trips were cancelled, sleepovers and days with friends cut short, ice cream outings also taken away…. but, we had this. And this trip was a great escape, just thirty minutes north of us, yet gave us all a fresh breath of air. You can book your trip with The Holidays right here!


2 thoughts on “A Holiday with The Holidays

  1. Tara

    Looks pretty darn cool. We have 4 kids and a trailer but I can’t pull the trailer and this is a perfect get-a-way for me and the kids. In fact I think I’ll take my best friend here for her 40th. Great pics and review. Also, Ivy looks great, her color is healthy and she doesn’t look swollen anymore…per Instagram. Blessings manifest in all sorts of ways. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Julie Gaffey

    Hello Kelly, just found you on Instagram & had to take a peek at your blog! What a beautiful family you have! Two beautiful boys & gorgeous Ivy. Praying for Ivy in her courageous fight. Sending best wishes to your lovely family all the way from Australia!?

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