November 1, 2014

A Spooky Sixth



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Greysen is six, I can’t believe it! We had a fun birthday week since his party was the Saturday before his “real” birthday, which fell on  a Wednesday. The party was costume encouraged and all Grey’s idea! I knew the day would eventually come when he would request a Halloween Party, considering his birthday is two days prior ;) it was so cute seeing all the kids dressed up! We kept it light with snacks. Made apple, peanut butter, and marshmallow “smiles,” some eyeballs on a log with celery and peanut butter, and he requested a spider cake of course! I have always cooked a layer for each year, but I think this year will be the last of that tradition; ha.

We had his doctor appointment the day after he turned six, and he is off the charts. Always has been, but he is 52″ and 58lbs! I can’t even believe that six years have flown by and he’s gone from being my 8 pound pumpkin to a four and a half foot boy in Kindergarten. I like to say when he was born, so was I… we have grown up with each other. Here’s to the next year around the sun, sweet Grey!