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May 1, 2015

The Laundress


Spring Cleaning… have you started? I think I spent all of April scrubbing, dusting, rearranging, and purging closets! Though, there is nothing worse than feeling great about a clean space yet simultaneously feeling guilty about the harsh chemical scent most store-bought cleaners put out there.  That is, until l discovered The Laundress.

Their products are eco-friendly, free of allergens, and even bio-degradable. I definitely appreciate the natural (amazing) smell of these products and feel more comfortable with my littlest babe helping me wipe down mirrors and cabinets while using The Laundress solutions.

thelaundress-1-2 thelaundress-3 thelaundress-11The Laundress is currently offering a 30-Day Clean Home Challenge, inviting you guys to ditch the cleaners you’ve been using and try their solutions! You can get 120$ worth of product for 80$ here, or 20% off of three products on the site with the code BLUERSEA20.




Are there any cleaning tools or products you can’t live without? I’d love to hear, and I can guarantee that using these products along with your favorite tools will make cleaning something to look forward to!


This post is sponsored by The Laundress, a natural cleaning solutions company that we use and believe in.


April 15, 2015

diy – vine wall

vine diy-3 vine diy-1 vine collage-1 vine diy-4 vine diy-2 vine diy-5

Amazing, right? My friend Gabi, of Pick Tulip, did a styled wedding shoot a few weeks ago that included a “living” wall and I just knew I needed to recreate one for Ivy’s nook. The best part is that these are wild vines that you can forage and tape to the wall in a short ten minutes. The hardest part of this diy was securing my Grandmother’s mirror– my Husband thinks I’m crazy for picking up a drill, not for taping plants to the wall… ha!

Supplies needed:
Foliage of your choice, “alive” or silk. It’s up to you! This will last a few weeks, and it’s so easy we wouldn’t mind just hanging new vine when it starts to whither. Or, you can just buy silk plants of your liking.
White floral tape, or clear if your walls aren’t white.

Cut vines to length needed.
Apply a few pieces of tape to plant and wall.
Repeat until space is filled.

Crazy easy! So easy that I even feel a little silly typing it out since it’s so self-explanatory :)
PS, I have to apologize for my absence around here. Blogging is a creative outlet for me, not a job, and I don’t want to ever feel pressure to post (unless it’s contracted, of course!), or guilt from lack of posting. This space has given me and my family opportunities that we are so grateful for, and I promise to start updating regularly. I have felt just a bit uninspired as of late, not after this DIY though… I can feel the creative juicing flowing ;) xo

September 12, 2014

DIY Flower Crowns

Because I’m the world’s best procrastinator, I gave myself three full days to prep for Ivy’s first birthday party this weekend! I was pretty intimidated to attempt flower crowns (thanks for the moral support, Kaitie) and probably would have been better off buying one, but it was surprisingly simple for someone craft-challenged like myself.

Supplies you’ll need–
(all purchased at Michael’s)

Silk flowers
Wire cutters
Straight floral wire
Floral tape

Full details over at this tutorial.

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