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October 18, 2015

Sunday at the Pumpkin Patch

2015pumpkinpatch (1 of 25)

2015pumpkinpatch (2 of 25)

2015pumpkinpatch (3 of 25)

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Lovely overcast day called for a visit to the pumpkin patch. Ivy’s counts are low and we probably should have stayed home, but cancer has honestly taken so much from us already that the last thing I wanted was to skip over an annual tradition. Fresh air is always a good idea, and it really was a great morning. We can’t wait to carve them tonight and I’m really looking forward to baking seeds to snack on all week.

I realized I haven’t posted a blog post in well over six months but I’m sure you can understand… I miss it. Sometimes. But mainly just miss having a space to dump twenty pictures to. This fall has been a hot one. Grey is in first grade, Seb is in his first year of pre-k, and Ivy is still battling and winning. I started an amazing job this month doing PR and social media projects for an architectural/interior design company. It has been so nice to have another focus and healthy distraction during this time. I’m so lucky to also be able to work from home! It’s a true blessing. I will do a formal update, hopefully sooner than later :)

June 13, 2015

Here’s To First Grade

greyskindergrad-1 greyskindergrad-2 greyskindergrad-3 greyskindergrad-4 greyskindergrad-5 greyskindergrad-6 greys-kinder1 greyskindergrad-7

We did it! Well, he did it, and I am so proud. Grey had a somewhat harder start,  he didn’t even start talking until he was three, but this was his year. He did so well, so brave, so smart. He read, he laughed, he learned, he shared, he struggled, and he overcame.  Here’s to first grade, Grey Baby, you’re on your way.

So be sure when you step, Step with care and great tact. And remember that life’s A Great Balancing Act. And will you succeed? Yes! You will, indeed! (98 and ¾ percent guaranteed) Kid, you’ll move mountains.

February 27, 2015

Foot Cardigan – Whippersnappers

footcardigan-1footcardigan-2 footcardigan-4 footcardigan-3-2 footcardigan-5How cute are these socks!? Foot Cardigan sent these over to Grey and Seb, as part of their new Whippersnappers kids subscription. The boys were so ecstatic to get mail for themselves and wasted no time in trying these rad socks on. The best part? Each month, a new set of socks are delivered right to your door. A fun thing for kiddos to look forward to!

Sign your favorite kiddos up to get two pairs of funky fresh socks in the mail every month for just $11! That’s like 12.36 packs of bubblegum, minus the cavities and plus really cool socks that all the kids will dig. If you know and love a tiny person age 3-­12, this will most definitely be the coolest mail they’ve ever gotten. You can sign up here! Super easy.

Thanks Foot Cardigan!

January 5, 2015

Sunday, Snow Day

palomarmtn-jan15 palomarmtn-jan15-2 palomarmtn-jan15-4 palomarmtn-jan15-6 palomarmtn-jan15-10 palomarmtn-jan15-14 palomarmtn-collage-1 palomarmtn-jan15-16 palomarmtn-jan15-18 palomarmtn-jan15-29 palomarmtn-jan15-11 palomarmtn-jan15-19 palomarmtn-jan15-20 palomarmtn-jan15-23 palomarmtn-jan15-13 palomarmtn-jan15-9 palomarmtn-collage-3 palomarmtn-collage-2 palomarmtn-collage-4 palomarmtn-jan15-33 palomarmtn-jan15-34 palomarmtn-jan15-36Can you believe it? Snow! 45 miles away from our house! The kids have been wanting to see snow for a few months, and with Anthony’s busy work week it was hard to commit to a cabin for a weekend. Luckily, for us, Southern California received a crazy amount of snow the day after New Years. We headed up to Palomar Mountain with our friends, The Moyers, and had some good old-fashioned snow fun– snow ball fights, sledding, and a few slips ;) This was a great welcome into 2015, and an even greater way to say so long to the holidays.





January 1, 2015



So, here we are! 2015. It’s been quiet around here as I focused more on my family and less time at the computer. I never intended for this blog to become a job; just a place I could share moments and outings with my family, recipes we enjoy, and trials we sometimes face (and overcome!). Thank you to all who have followed us along this year, and the companies we have worked with!

2014 was a whirlwind. We had a move, three children under five, a 70 hour work week, all while counting on at least one afternoon to reconnect with each other. 2014 was the first year I, as a Mother, was completely on my own. When Anthony and I got married, I was still living and relying on my family as I had been since Greysen (and eventually Sebastian) was born and I was a single mom. Anthony and I then saved our pennies and moved after our one year anniversary into our current home. Not that age has anything to do with the stress of being “alone,” but as a 24-year-old I sometimes am like, “Wait! I’ve never done this before!” While looking down and seeing three children relying on me to do or fix said thing. I’m sure I would encounter that at any age though :) we also gained friendships in 2014, which I am so grateful for! I have never been a “girls girl,” but the last half of 2014 was amazing and helped remind me that there’s more to me than being a mom and wife. I think 2014 was also a year to build a stronger marriage, although sometimes testy, as we had no one else at the end of the night but each other– and I’m excited for our marriage to root deeper in 2015.

I’m not one to keep or hold resolutions, but I will be making an effort to be more present and say yes to more things– in Motherhood and marriage alike. This is a year for more clarity and less cloudiness, full mental and physical strength. This year I will be 25, no longer have an infant, have two out of three children in school, and my husband will be home at least one day a week. Cheers to the next 364 days, I have a feeling it’s going be a good one.


November 16, 2014


friendsgiving-2014-2 friendsgiving-2-1 friendsgiving-2014-8 friendsgiving-2014-3 friendsgiving-2014-10 friendsgiving-2014-4 friendsgiving-2014-9 friendsgiving-2014-5 friendsgiving-2014-6 friendsgiving-2-2 friendsgiving-2014-7 friendsgiving-2-3 friendsgiving-2014-12

We attended Friendsgiving last night hosted by our friends, The Moyers! It was the perfect evening to celebrate new and old friends, and eat delicious food. Kaitie and Tyler did an amazing job, and I think the pictures speak for themselves. I’m one to appreciate small details, and they nailed it. Each guest brought a side or dessert, so I chose to bring this cheesecake (which is quickly becoming a thanksgiving tradition).

After next weekend, the countdown to Christmas is on! The hustle and bustle of Holiday season is definitely here and we’ll be ringing in the new year before I know it. Tis the season to be extra grateful and be merry.


November 1, 2014

A Spooky Sixth



Grey-Spooky6th-2Grey-Spooky6th-3 greyspooky6th-collage-2 Grey-Spooky6th-4 Grey-Spooky6th-5 Grey-Spooky6th-6 greyspooky6th-collage-4 greyspooky6th-collage-3 29th-31st29th-31st-3-2

Greysen is six, I can’t believe it! We had a fun birthday week since his party was the Saturday before his “real” birthday, which fell on  a Wednesday. The party was costume encouraged and all Grey’s idea! I knew the day would eventually come when he would request a Halloween Party, considering his birthday is two days prior ;) it was so cute seeing all the kids dressed up! We kept it light with snacks. Made apple, peanut butter, and marshmallow “smiles,” some eyeballs on a log with celery and peanut butter, and he requested a spider cake of course! I have always cooked a layer for each year, but I think this year will be the last of that tradition; ha.

We had his doctor appointment the day after he turned six, and he is off the charts. Always has been, but he is 52″ and 58lbs! I can’t even believe that six years have flown by and he’s gone from being my 8 pound pumpkin to a four and a half foot boy in Kindergarten. I like to say when he was born, so was I… we have grown up with each other. Here’s to the next year around the sun, sweet Grey!


October 6, 2014

Sunday, a series.

Sunday is our one day a week where the five of us are together, sun up to sun down. Anthony works like a mad man (thanks babe), all for us, and I’m sure there are some days where he would like nothing more than to rest all day. I try to have something lined up for us all to do and enjoy since it’s the one day I’m not single-parenting. Selfish? Maybe… but I know the kids love having both of us around all day, too. There are some things I’m still a little anxious to do “alone,”  but I think this coming year will be easier– at least I hope!

This last Sunday I had planned to go apple picking but the drought here in San Diego is so bad that the apples were already gone! I was so bummed. The boys and Anthony decided on Legoland, so off we went. It was pretty empty, and I was able to ride the roller coasters with Grey while Anthony stayed with Seb and Ivy. Super fun! I can’t wait for next Sunday though, we’ll be headed to the pumpkin patch.

Have a great week, xx!

September 22, 2014

A First Birthday Party.


Ivy Scout turned one two weeks ago, and got to experience her very first birthday party! We kept it small, and I did most of the prep on the morning of (oops). I had originally planned on having it at our house in the backyard but it was way too hot. Lucky for us, my Grandparents have an Air Conditioned house, which is a total luxury here in Southern California.. ha! I think she really enjoyed having all of the attention (third baby complex), and even took her first three steps at her party.
















For the picture wall, I just printed photos through the Walgreen photo app on my phone and taped them to a piece of cheap 9$ wood from Home Depot with washi tape! Super easy, and thank you for putting up with me posting 150+ pictures of Ivy in the last twelve months haha. I can’t believe we’re already three weeks into her second year of life, but so happy she is here and think that she rounds out our family perfectly.



September 12, 2014

DIY Flower Crowns

Because I’m the world’s best procrastinator, I gave myself three full days to prep for Ivy’s first birthday party this weekend! I was pretty intimidated to attempt flower crowns (thanks for the moral support, Kaitie) and probably would have been better off buying one, but it was surprisingly simple for someone craft-challenged like myself.

Supplies you’ll need–
(all purchased at Michael’s)

Silk flowers
Wire cutters
Straight floral wire
Floral tape

Full details over at this tutorial.

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