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October 18, 2015

Sunday at the Pumpkin Patch

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Lovely overcast day called for a visit to the pumpkin patch. Ivy’s counts are low and we probably should have stayed home, but cancer has honestly taken so much from us already that the last thing I wanted was to skip over an annual tradition. Fresh air is always a good idea, and it really was a great morning. We can’t wait to carve them tonight and I’m really looking forward to baking seeds to snack on all week.

I realized I haven’t posted a blog post in well over six months but I’m sure you can understand… I miss it. Sometimes. But mainly just miss having a space to dump twenty pictures to. This fall has been a hot one. Grey is in first grade, Seb is in his first year of pre-k, and Ivy is still battling and winning. I started an amazing job this month doing PR and social media projects for an architectural/interior design company. It has been so nice to have another focus and healthy distraction during this time. I’m so lucky to also be able to work from home! It’s a true blessing. I will do a formal update, hopefully sooner than later :)

August 6, 2015

A Holiday with The Holidays

20150713-IMG_0758 A few weeks ago, we were lucky enough to have a three-day break in Ivy’s treatment to sneak away to San Clemente State Beach. The good people at The Holidays offered us a trailer to beach camp in, and it was perfect! As parents themselves, they understand how hectic camping with kiddos can be. Well, they took the hectic and stress out to create the perfect environment.

At The Holidays, everything is provided. This summer for us has been pretty stressful, to say the least, and I was so hesitant to commit to these three days but I am so glad we did. The only things we had to pack were our swim suits, clothes, sunscreen and food. It was so nice to just get in the car and go. That in itself was worth the stress of transporting chemo to and from the campsite ;)20150713-IMG_0719 20150713-IMG_0729-Edit 20150713-IMG_0730 20150713-IMG_0731 20150713-IMG_0734 20150714-IMG_1040 20150713-IMG_0751 20150713-IMG_0770

How great is that fire pit circle that they have set up? They also have a shed full of fun games and toys for the kids to play with. Again, one less thing to remember to pack. The beach is also just a short walk away! The only real activity we are okayed to do per Ivy’s Oncologist is going to the beach. The boys love playing there (who doesn’t?), so we are all happy with this only outing.
20150713-IMG_0828 20150713-IMG_0836 20150713-IMG_0851 20150713-IMG_0740 20150714-IMG_0948 20150713-IMG_0860 20150713-IMG_0863 20150713-IMG_0879

All of the trailers come equipped with pots, pans, utensils, and even a coffee drip kit. They are also run by solar and have bluetooth speakers, which makes any night at the campsite fun. It was so fun to be in close quarters all night, wake up with each other, and then throw bacon on the skillet while watching the kids play in dirt outside. You can get a full list of amenities here.
20150713-IMG_0885 20150714-IMG_0895 20150714-IMG_0896 20150714-IMG_0898 20150714-IMG_0903 20150714-IMG_0906 20150714-IMG_0925 20150714-IMG_0968 20150714-IMG_0991 20150714-IMG_0995 20150714-IMG_1016 20150714-IMG_1039 20150715-IMG_1056


The trip was a blast, and although it was only three days, it was such a nice break from the ridiculously crazy summer we have had. My mom guilt runs deep when it comes to the boys and how short their summer was cut. Not saying that they didn’t have a blast all summer at Grandma’s house (where we have stayed, two minutes from the hospital– update on that later), but this obviously was not the summer we had planned to have. Trips were cancelled, sleepovers and days with friends cut short, ice cream outings also taken away…. but, we had this. And this trip was a great escape, just thirty minutes north of us, yet gave us all a fresh breath of air. You can book your trip with The Holidays right here!


May 14, 2015

Strawberry Fields Forever

strawberryfields15-1 strawberryfields15-8 strawberryfields15-2 strawberryfields15-3 strawberryfields15-4strawberryfields15-6 strawberryfields15-7

I’ve lived in San Diego County my entire life and don’t think I’ve ever been to the Strawberry Fields! I drive past it at least once a week and it’s something I’ve always wanted to do with the kids, so off we went. The kids zipped up and down each row and I think we spent a total of twenty minutes there. Ivy was the only one who had the right idea, stopping to take bites before placing in the bucket ;) Then, the water sprinklers turned on and they lost all interested in picking and just wanted to play in the mud. I’m not sure why I envisioned a peaceful time “at the farm,” full of slow-paced picking, but ha! Visions usually aren’t reality, which can be said for many areas of my life.

Ah, children. I have felt tested all year! I know this time will pass, and I know I will look back on all the amazing times– even miss the craziness. But, it’s hard to not get caught up in the trenches of motherhood. Those trenches are real, and I know I am not the only one who feels this way. Some days are so long I often question if I am doing anything right at all. And even the overwhelmed feeling I felt during this trip to the strawberry farm, I look back just two days later and see the fun the kids had. The mess we made, the strawberry stains on the carpet, the 1$ ice cream cones we got after in the car, the request to blast a song loud with the windows down and scream out the lyrics together. That is what it is all about, and maybe that is motherhood, messy. I’m trying to let go of the exceptions I  see in my head and be present in that minute, that very second, to realize it is fleeting and it will all be gone soon.



January 5, 2015

Sunday, Snow Day

palomarmtn-jan15 palomarmtn-jan15-2 palomarmtn-jan15-4 palomarmtn-jan15-6 palomarmtn-jan15-10 palomarmtn-jan15-14 palomarmtn-collage-1 palomarmtn-jan15-16 palomarmtn-jan15-18 palomarmtn-jan15-29 palomarmtn-jan15-11 palomarmtn-jan15-19 palomarmtn-jan15-20 palomarmtn-jan15-23 palomarmtn-jan15-13 palomarmtn-jan15-9 palomarmtn-collage-3 palomarmtn-collage-2 palomarmtn-collage-4 palomarmtn-jan15-33 palomarmtn-jan15-34 palomarmtn-jan15-36Can you believe it? Snow! 45 miles away from our house! The kids have been wanting to see snow for a few months, and with Anthony’s busy work week it was hard to commit to a cabin for a weekend. Luckily, for us, Southern California received a crazy amount of snow the day after New Years. We headed up to Palomar Mountain with our friends, The Moyers, and had some good old-fashioned snow fun– snow ball fights, sledding, and a few slips ;) This was a great welcome into 2015, and an even greater way to say so long to the holidays.





December 8, 2014

Trim the Tree

trimming-tree-14 trimming-tree-14-2 trimming-tree-14-collage trimming-tree-14-4We went to get our tree last night, and leave it to me to turn a fun, twenty-minute outing into an hour activity. Our first stop was picked over and crowded. So I pouted, and tried controlling the situation– which backfired, of course :) I sucked the fun right out of picking a tree, because I wanted a “perfect” tree… which is embarrassing to admit. I know I’m pretty controlling (sorry Husband, sorry Mom), but to say no to a brown tree that my six-year-old loved really woke me up. I kept telling myself to just let it go, that it didn’t matter, it was just a tree, and if my kids love it then so would I! But there I was, asking my husband to unwrap tree after tree while the kids were play fighting with branch swords.

I don’t want to ruin traditions that we are creating and have our children remember me getting frustrated over “the one.” I want them to remember sipping their hot chocolate, playing those branch games, being happy with what’s there, and the drive home of “will the tree make it?!” They don’t care if the tree is naked on the top or has too many holes, they just want to make it pretty, “so Santa can find us!” I’m hoping the rest of this month I can let go of my “ways,” and not try to control every little detail. I had a grand idea of decorating my tree with shiny silver ornaments, but my husband’s 20 childhood hallmark ornaments and our six years worth of “an ornament a year” tradition ornaments are up on the tree. And I didn’t hang a single one, or fix the tree after they all went to sleep. I do believe it’s the most wonderful time of the year, and I’m aiming towards being content and present for these little people, who ultimately will mirror my attitude.



October 27, 2014

Tractors + Trains

tractor-train tractor-train-2 tractor-train-7 tractor-train-3 tractor-train-collage1 tractor-train-5 tractor-train-9 tractor-train-4 tractor-train-collage2 tractor-train-6 tractor-train-collage3 tractor-train-8

Two Sundays ago, we stumbled upon a Tractor and Steam Engine Festival. It was a nice surprise, and all of the kids equally enjoyed themselves. I think we were pleasantly surprised that such a random event could hold our attention, ha. I live for Sundays like these, even if it included eating fast-food in a parking lot while we were waiting for an open house… Oh, yeah, we’re moving. Unexpectedly, but the house we are currently in is going up for sale! To say we’re stressed is an understatement– but I know as long as we are all together, all will be well.

This last Sunday was Greysen’s Spooky Sixth birthday party and those pictures will be up soon. I can’t believe my baby is six, but more on that later, too :)


October 13, 2014

Sunday, at the Pumpkin Patch


























I’ve never been a fan of Halloween. I was raised in a private Christian school, and the closest we got to “spooky” was a scarecrow at the annual Harvest Festival. Pumpkin patches though, I love them. This year we have been more ready for Halloween than ever, strongly due to Greysen’s eagerness to decorate. He even requested a costume birthday party this year. I’m happy to oblige when it comes to making my children happy, aren’t we all?

All three kids equally enjoyed the pumpkin patch. Grey loved picking the pumpkins out, Seb loved the hayride, Ivy enjoyed roaming the rows and picking up the littlest pumpkins. We will probably carve them next Sunday since we need them to last a few weeks!

We ended the day at our friend’s house for kebabs and pumpkin drinks! Was a really nice Sunday and much needed family time.