August 16, 2014

Cheers to Two Years

I love this man. He came into our lives at the perfect time, and it’s like he was here all along. I love him more now than I ever thought I could two years ago, Anthony is my true Mate. Cheers to two years, babe.

I’m sharing our elopement since I never had the platform to do so :) We had planned it in two days.. which isn’t the most ideal, but it worked for us. This was also just after three and a half months of being in each other’s lives. I say “When you know, you know” a lot, and I mean it. We walked into Tiffany’s for fun, walked out with  four rings. Yes, four. They’re dainty (and square! and rose gold!), and perfect. Waited nine days for them to be ready, made an appointment at the court-house, hunted down two new outfits in two days, and hired a photographer  who also was kind enough to double as our witness.

I loved this day. We’ll be renewing our vows and having a ceremony for our five-year, but eloping was the right choice for us, in that moment. Our marriage was to solidifying our love and commitment to each other, and I think the day portrayed that perfectly. The peace I had while standing with Anthony, a Judge, and our photographer is indescribable. I know weddings are amazing and I’m probably partial, but I was okay being zoned out on Anthony and not needing to interact with a hundred other people. There was a stillness and I knew that this was right, this man I was marrying, The One.

Something to note, we flew to Florida shortly after marrying and then drove Anthony’s belongings back across the country. Five days later, we were home. And that is when Greysen started referring to him as Dad. The title wasn’t given, it was earned. And I can honestly say we are so lucky. Our life now is just as it’s supposed to be. We’ve gone through a lot together in these two short years, and I am so excited for what the future brings.

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He and I
When words run dry,

He does not try,
Nor do I.
We are on par.
He just is,
I just am,
And we just are.
– Lang Leav

10 thoughts on “Cheers to Two Years

  1. Leanne

    I love this so much! I had always thought I would have a big wedding with lots of people and lots of planning, even when I saw your elopement on Instagram. But when I met the man of my dreams, I realized that a big wedding with tons of people wasn’t what I wanted. Maybe “planning” to elope when we’re ready isn’t necessarily how it goes but I do know that I want that day to be just us. Your gorgeous elopement, as well as others, has created a perfect idea for when I am lucky enough to take that step. And I’ll probably even hire Jamie Street because DAMN! I’ve been in love with these pictures since they were posted on Instagram two years ago. I don’t think you have to try and defend your decision to elope, I’m sure lots of people have expressed their opinions about not including them in your wedding, but it’s about the two of you and it’s exactly what you guys needed. That’s all that matters. You guys are a beautiful family and I’m pretty excited to be able to see your lives from afar. You’re inspiring :)


    Your hair looks good dark! The pictures are nice. Do your older kids have a relationship with their bio dad?

  3. Shelley

    Eloping sounds so nice now that I’ve gone through the big wedding celebration. Sigh. Do you still get tattoos or are you done?

  4. Shelley

    Also, is it weird that you’re expected to answer all these random personal questions now? I mean I know you don’t HAVE to, but as a blogger I know there’s certain expectations from your readership. Just wondering..

    1. Kelly Post author

      I don’t mind :) That’s kind of the reason I started to blog… To document our life and be able to be open and connect with readers!

  5. Danielle Gammell

    I love this so much! We did an elopement as well and also plan a vow renewal with the whole wedding for our 5 year. You both look so happy and in love! Happy Anniversary and cheers to many more!

  6. camp wolf

    Hell to the Yes! I like your style, mama! We did the tiniest wedding in our backyard with only our parents and both our sisters and of course 6 month old Miles! SO special without all of the fuss that gets in the way. xo

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