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Want to get the word out about your independent company or large business? I’m open to product reviews, courtesy-of items, sponsored posts, and giveaways.  With that said, I want to stay true to myself and our aesthetic as a family so if you think we would make a good fit, you can contact me at!

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  1. Gigi Fondots

    The crowns look wonderful. I look forward to reading your blog everyday. It lets more feel more connected with all of you. I think you are doing a great job. I like your writing style.

  2. Kishelle Linenko

    Hi Kelly,
    So, I’ve been a follower of your blog and IG for about 9 months now. First off, thank you for being such a mom-spiration! You make having 3 kids look easy while staying fabulous! I’ve taken in fashion and cooking advice from you but most of all being it all. You take care of you and that is admirable.

    I’m a 5 year married mama of a 9 month old baby lady named Lucy Jay, LJ for short. And an appreciative reader of your blog. Good job

  3. Kirsten

    Hi Kelly! Tried to email you but it came back as domain not found :( Just wanted to see where you go in SD for your tattoos. I come up every year to visit since we used to live there and am always looking for new shops to visit :) Thanks xo.

      1. Kirsten

        I just figured it out :) I copied and pasted it right from the top of your about page. You have it down as without the “A”. I just resent my email to the @abluersea address, so just ignore. Sorry about that. And THANK YOU :) I’ll look her up!

  4. Megan

    My son is almost two this month. He’s been in myths flex glasses (just like your sons green ones) for two months. Just wondering when he transferred to big boy glasses? Also, I love the ones in the pictures-what brand do you buy? :)

    1. Kelly Post author

      Hi! We switched at age 3, but he has been wearing glasses since he was 10m. And they are Lacoste frames.

  5. Britta

    Hey :)
    I saw these beautiful shoes in instagram , they are from Birkenstock.
    I would be so happy of you would be so nice to tell me where Ou bought them !
    Thank you,

  6. Pat Spell Blackwell

    Hi. I am a friend of Gigi’s in Florida (we taught together for a long time!0 and have known Tony since he was four. I actually met him right after he became ill. My family has been praying for each of you. Am looking forward to exploring your blog. Blessings.

  7. Grandma

    You and your family are so Special to us. I thank the Lord that He gave us the joy of being your grandparents and the great grandparents.I love having your family in our lives, as much as I can. Ivy s meaning is all her. Can’t wait to see her grow into a special person like her Mom. It has been exciting to see Greysen and Sebby grow and get their own personalities, which we love to see . Tony is a blessing to you all too. Our Lord will carry us though this time and give us the Grace and Peace only He can do. Love you all.


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