August 11, 2014

Early mornings + an Orbit Baby giveaway

JAMIESTREET_FONDONTS_ORBIT-114 A few weeks ago I was contacted by Orbit Baby asking if we could partner up. Ivy was starting to outgrow her infant car seat, so we were able to get her into their convertible seat, along with their new G3 stroller. No better way to test out the stroller than to meet up with our friend Jamie and grab a cup of coffee, at seven a.m. no less. orbit collage1 JAMIESTREET_FONDONTS_ORBIT-9 JAMIESTREET_FONDONTS_ORBIT-12 JAMIESTREET_FONDONTS_ORBIT-13 JAMIESTREET_FONDONTS_ORBIT-14 orbit collage3 I instantly loved the sleekness of the all black frame with matching black sunshade. I’m a firm believer that baby gear really doesn’t have to be tacky and can be just as stylish as you. Orbit Baby makes this easy. Another feature we all love is the sidekick board. Sebastian is at the age where he really wants to walk, but sometimes we just need him to hop on and walk at our pace (if you know what I mean). I also really like that the stroller seat can rotate without needed to come off of the base. Ivy can face me, swivel and face to the side, or face out to see her surroundings.JAMIESTREET_FONDONTS_ORBIT-22 JAMIESTREET_FONDONTS_ORBIT-75 JAMIESTREET_FONDONTS_ORBIT-74 JAMIESTREET_FONDONTS_ORBIT-85 JAMIESTREET_FONDONTS_ORBIT-87 JAMIESTREET_FONDONTS_ORBIT-116 orbit collage2 JAMIESTREET_FONDONTS_ORBIT-136 Orbit Baby is offering one reader (US only) the Drive & Stroll Combo! All you need to do is visit and their blog, then leave a comment here letting me know you did so with your name and email. It’s that simple! We will choose a winner over the weekend. Thank you and good luck!

Photography by Jamie Street

Update- this giveaway is now closed and winner has been contacted.

294 thoughts on “Early mornings + an Orbit Baby giveaway

  1. Amanda Fabricius

    Wow the g3 is gorgous! So classy and I love that you can change it up and add a pop of color with the sunshade! I love the sleekness of the all black as well! I love all orbit baby products.

  2. Elizabeth Todd

    Love orbitbaby! We have a 2.5yr old and a baby due like, any minute! I love that little board attachment.

  3. Ashley Mendoza

    Hi! I’ve visited both sites and would be very grateful if choosen for the chance to win a new orbit baby series stroller. I really enjoy following you on IG, you have a beautiful family. Thanks!!

  4. Emy pheil

    Love your blog. I have a 6 month old little girl and she is also fussy clingy and needy. Definitely gets easier after you accept it.

  5. Larisa Christensen

    I’m a mama of three- a four year old, 2 year old, and 3 month old. Something tells me a new orbit would make my life a whole lot easier! I visited both their site and blog! :)

  6. Jenn medley

    What an awesome giveaway! Your blog is flawless too! Have read both, but I’m in Canada- not sure if it’s limited. Either way, that stroller has me super stoked for baby number 2!

  7. Kelli vickers

    I have a 15 month old and a 5 year old, and we’re planning baby number 3. This stroller is so amazing, and so incredible looking. I love how sleek and elegant it looks and how diverse it is. I went to the website and clicked the link to go to the blog but it’s saying it’s unavailable. If we won I’d be forever grateful! This isn’t something we would ever be able to afford!

  8. Jocelyn Lovering

    I am so in love with your blog and Instagram, your family is so sweet and your story is great. I visited the orbit website and absolutely love the products they have, I love that the G3 is great for the expanding family. I have a 7 month old and am just beginning my family we hope to have more children so this product would be great for us! Thanks for hosting this contest! Much love!

  9. grace

    visited the site, but the blog link wasn’t working. i would love this for our newly expanded family. we have a five year old boy and three month old daughter. the whole system is so stylish! thanks for the opportunity!

  10. Chrissy

    These strollers look amazing! Visited the sites and think Waylon needs the double helix with a sidekick board for when Baby bro or sis comes one day.

  11. Bailey

    Desperately need this for my baby girl, Zoe. Single mama without a decent stroller for my youngest. Visited both. :)

  12. Jayme

    Gorgeous mama & family.

    & beautiful Orbit baby product designs! My babe, Atlas would love this.
    Thank you for hosting! <3

  13. Claire Hinkley

    Loooove your Instagram feed and blog! Just spent so much time checking out Orbit to weigh our options for baby # 2. Have fallen truly, madly, deeply in love with their car seat. So now I am triple excited about this giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!

  14. Nardia

    We actually just started looking into a new stroller and the G3 sounds pretty great for our family.
    This is amazing,thanks!

  15. Erin

    visited both. And wow that a dream that orbit g3 is! The board on the back would be such a perk, and with our 3rd baby on the way we would use this stroller daily.

  16. Kelly McKnight

    Visited both their site and blog! I would love to win a stroller from orbit. With another on the way making me a mama of three under 3, I would really LOVE to win. I definitely LOVE the kickboard option along with the Helix for a double. We’ve been also searching for a new car seat for baby #3 so winning this would be the biggest thing EVER!!!!!!!!! I absolutely love your blog and really hope to WIN this giveaway it’s much needed right now. Thanks Kelly xoxo

  17. Rita Guzman

    I visited both sites and fell in love. My soon to be here little man(sept24) and I would enjoy an Orbit baby stroller! <3

  18. Jherica

    I did the same! Mom of 4 here could use a little help! Doesn’t hurt their stuff is so rad! Orbit needs to make an appearance in Albuquerque! I’ll be the one to do it…Fingers crossed.

  19. Emily Macfadden Rawlings

    Hi there!

    I visited the website and tried to get to the blog but it wasn’t working. I would love the chance to have one of these awesome strollers. We have a 3 month old bae and a 3 year old boy. The sideboard looks pretty fantastic. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win one of these and I look forward to reading more about your family adventures! Xoxo

  20. Terra Kristine

    Visited their website/blog and their strollers are amazing. One would be absolutely perfect for my baby #1 arriving in February! Thanks for the opportunity! (Really lovin’ your blog by the way, so excited for you and for things to come!)

  21. Mia Elliott

    Loving this blog! I too believe I have a bluer sea! Family is everything. Not gonna lie a new stroller for the new babe would also be nice! :)

  22. Heidi Davis

    I’m dying to get the Orbit! Having had back surgery a few years ago it made it really hard to get my first son in and out of his car seat. We are expecting number two and hope to continue to grow our family and this is the perfect stroller for us! I visited both pages and have my fingers crossed that we win!

  23. Mia Elliott

    Forgot to mention I visited their website again! And checked out the blog! Very cool stuff on there :)

  24. Jessica Werner

    Really loving the orbit company! The stroller looks so comfy and fun! Photos look great Kelly. I visited the blog + website. hope to win one for kimbah!

  25. Ashley Hutchison

    I visited both the blog and the orbit website! I would love to win one of their stylish strollers :)

  26. Kayla Moore

    Greetings from a fellow San Diegan! I’d love to have this for my lil’ dude due next month! So cute!

  27. Emily

    Thanks for sharing! I visited both sites. I had no idea some of the accessories existed like the stroller board and rocker base. How cool!

  28. Andrea Perry

    I visited the website and would love a stroller, my baby is about to turn one and would love it! I haven’t found anything yet that she doesn’t try to escape from. Also I just love how it can swivel, so cool and convenient!!

  29. Chelsea Hall

    Currently 4 months pregnant with my first little one and I have been searching day and night for the perfect stroller! Orbit has always been one of my favorite brands because of the amazing features and beautiful stylish look. Checked out Orbit’s blog and website, really hope to win one! Thanks :)

  30. Jamie

    We are expecting our first child 09/10/14 and would love to have the orbit stroller!! I visited the website and blog. What a fun contest.

  31. Shelby

    I am due in 5 days with baby #2… Would absolutely LOVE (and need big time) a new orbit baby stroller for my babes. Fingers crossed :) xoxo

  32. Cody Higgins

    Visited both and would love of these for my 2 week old Rooney and my 2 year old Edie! Pretty snazzy stroller.

  33. Lisa Hillis

    Visited both sites! It would be a dream to own anything from orbit baby. Thank you for the giveaway and love following your beautiful family.

  34. Connie

    visited both sites and *fingers crossed*. would love to win this for my daughter + grandbabies. my daughter has a almost six year old, a eight month old, and is five months pregnant! :) it would def. be well used and loved.

  35. Alyssa Armoskus

    Visited the site, and would love this for my son Tripp! Also I love all your Instagram pictures!

  36. Sabrina myers

    What a cute family you have! I visited both sites and would love to be entered for a chance to win :)

  37. Natalie

    I visited the site & blog & would love the g3! With 3 little ones it seems like the perfect stroller for us with that attachment!

  38. Heather

    Have a 7 month old and would LOVE an Orbit stroller. I love everything on their site! The g3 is perfect.

  39. Kat Burton

    Visited the site and blog! Would love this for my newest addition who will be here any day now! My 4 year old would also love the sidekick board!

  40. Erin

    I would absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this stroller, my 19th old is currently in a used 5 year old stroller and I just can’t afford to get a new one! I went to the website and visited, I love orbit!

  41. Casey Hoffman

    Love OrbitBaby- would love even more to own one instead of pretending in baby stores. Ha! I visited their website and blog. Here’s hoping Baby #1 will get to cruise in style in an Orbit. And #2 and #3….don’t tell the hubs I said that;) He’s still nervous about one. Bahahaha! Good luck to all!

  42. Monica Eary

    Visited both sites! Fingers crossed. We’ll be getting their convertible car seat soon, Miles is getting too big for his infant seat. Your pic of Ivy facing sideways to get her out sold me on it! Thanks mama!!

    xx Monica

  43. Auburn

    Nice giveaway, your fam is beautiful! I have a month + 1 week year old and 2 1/2 year old… A new stroller would be awesome!

  44. mavelli Jimenez

    went to both sites and I’m in love wIth would be amazing to win this for my 3 month old :-)

  45. Kristin

    I checked out the website and the blog, as well as your blog. I’ve been following you on instagram for a while, so YAY for starting a blog! I’d like to enter this contest as a sort of ‘pre-celebration’. My husband and I are going through IVF right now and hopefully in about 2.5 weeks we’ll find out that we need a stroller! I’ve been eyeing up Orbit Baby. So fingers crossed!

  46. Mariaelena Dominguez

    Visited both, I love their blog! And I love that you can add the board to the stroller for the older siblings!

  47. Rebecca Mackay

    I visited both! I would love to win this! I am expecting and due in February and love the look of this stroller!

  48. Arianah Watts

    I visited both and I just adore everything! This would be amazing for my little peanut coming this November! Thank you for the chance :)

  49. Jessica Gutierrez

    Wow! What an amazing opportunity! I visited both the website and the blog. What a blessing it would be to win this giving away for our son, Nolan Ryan, who is due August 28th. Crossing our fingers!!

  50. Karis Munley

    Hi there! I found you through Jamie’s instagram and just checked out all t that orbit baby has to offer! I’m going to be a first-time and single mom in 2015 and can use all the help I can get! This stroller looks like just the thing :)


  51. Kishelle Linenko

    LOVE the stroller combo! What an awesome thing to have with multiple mini humans :) Thanks for sharing & LOVE your blog !! Beautiful Family :)

  52. Yelena loza

    love the stroller you have. Diggin the obit baby! It’s perfect for multiple babes. Great thing you guys are doing.

  53. Kiara Aquino

    Kelly you are definitely one of many women I look up to in so many ways. It might be because you are a young mother, or the way you just bond with your family but you are definitely a women of many talents. I’d definitely enjoy the orbit as I have been lusting over it for quite some time. May God continue to bless your family with tons of health love and laughter!

  54. Phoebe Moore

    Checked out both the site and the blog and I am in LOVE! We are in desperate need of a stroller for our growing family. Fingers crossed. :)

  55. Kristal Garcia

    I visited both sites and love the orbit stroller! I’m so excited about this giveaway!

  56. Nicole Keefe

    We just checked out orbits blog and website! We would love to win this! Love the new orbit! And that side board is amazing! Fingers crossed on this one!

  57. Kristin McClain

    I visited both and now I’m totally in love with this stroller! I just had a baby boy in May and this would be so perfect for him!!

  58. Debra W


    Posted on the Orbit Baby Blog. What a great newborn essentials list they put together. As I prepare to be certified to foster to adopt it gives me lots of great ideas for things I need to have on hand and this stroller is awesome!

  59. Amanda Newton

    I visited and their blog! I would absolutely LOVE this win this for my children. It would definitely be a dream come true! :-)

  60. Whitney Gossard

    Visited both sites! Would love to have an orbit stroller! They look like they would fit all my needs and what I look for in a stroller!

  61. Rosalucia Galvan

    I checked out the website and blog. I would love to win this I have a two week old baby boy and a 22 month old daughter and this would be a great thing to have… good luck everyone!!

  62. Melanie Morgan

    What a sleek design. I’ve been nervous about picking out a stroller but this one is awesome. Something my family could really grow into!

  63. Amber P.

    Visited both! Would love to win an Orbit system for our baby born in January and 4 yo daughter!

  64. Hannah burton

    Love orbit! Am due in February with my first and would love to have an orbit stroller! Love their website and blog too :)

  65. Julia

    I’m obsessed with our Orbit newborn carseat but definitely need to upgrade to the bigger sizes soon!

  66. TRACEY

    I checked out the sites and it looks pretty cool and I would love to win! Your pictures are great by the way!

  67. Brad Youngman

    Man I would love this! My daughter is also would love it! Our travel system is so bulky in our small sedan! Visit the website – Check!. Browse the blog – Check!

  68. Rachel Rich-Shea

    Visited both sites! Love how the seat swivels around with ease and that awesome scoot board!

  69. Diana Sanapanya

    I visited the blog. Awesome little stroller!! The fact that you can swivel the seat faxing in and out is genius! My little man is an observer :).

  70. Isis Bravo

    Visited the shop and blog, lovely stuff. Thank you for this giveaway.

    -Isis and baby Alexander Bravo

  71. Yoriko Kawai Cane

    I visited Orbit Baby Website and their blog!! I was one of your instagram followers and always loved your stroller!! I have 2 years old son and also expecting another one!! I know my son will love the sidekick board:)

  72. Katie E

    I visited the site and blog. I’ve had my eye on the G3 because I love all the different seating options, and would also have to get the sidekick stroller board. My 3 year old would love it!! And it’s a much better option for us than a double stroller (baby #2 is only a few weeks old).

  73. Lana Novak

    Loved your post, and beautiful pictures of your little family! I must say that orbit is quite the head turner, would love to win for my little boy! I visited both sites :)

  74. Evan

    Visited Orbit’s site + blog! We have been researching which system to purchase for our first baby that is on the way and Orbit seems to stay at the top of our list. Love all the great thinngs we’ve read about them. What an incredible giveaway!!

  75. Mayra

    Website and blog visited, Love orbit!!! Would be great to get the G3 combo for the newest member of our family! Great review and photos!

  76. Danielle mayo

    Visited both!! I have been very interested in the orbitbaby gear you have been posting since I first saw it! Would love to get my hands on something for the triplets that are now 9 months old :)

  77. Veronica Martinez

    Visited and now posting. Thanks for this great opportunity. Its amazing how you can give your fans a chance like this! Crossing fingers toes and eyes lol!!

  78. Rachel C.

    What a beautiful family you have!

    I visited the OrbitBaby website and their blog, and I’d love to win this gorgeous drive & stroll combo!

  79. Shakira Jarin

    Your blog is awesome, and thanks for doing the giveaway. I visited both the site and blog. Didn’t even realize they did a blog. Awesome! Expecting baby number too in 6 days! Would love to win.

  80. Juliet Kiyai

    I went to the orbit website and their blog and loved the entry on newborn essentials! The G3 looks like a great stroller! Thanks for the giveaway!

  81. Sarah Thompson

    I love how beautiful the Orbit G3 stroller and seat are! So impressive. Visited Orbit’s website and blog! Such a great giveaway!

  82. katya mosely

    hi kelly,
    i learned about your blog through jamie street’s instagram account. she’s photographing my family next month and i lover her style. she took such beautiful pictures of your family (and the orbit stroller!).
    I visited the website and checked out the blog. very cool stuff, i had no idea ergo and orbit were the same company. we use our ergo on both my girls, 2.5 and 6 months, and would LOVE to try their stroller too.
    great blog, please keep it up.

  83. Bailey Castleberry

    I would soooo love to win this! I visited the blog and the website, totally love the G3 look!!! :)

  84. Mirian Gonzales

    I have visited Orbit Baby and their blog. Very impressive stuff! I would love to win this for my dear granddaughter who will be turning 8 months soon. Thank you!

  85. Jenni

    My 8 month old son Beau and I (of course) would love to stroll around Omaha in the Orbit Baby. Checked out the site, and am loving it all! Our running stroller isn’t cutting it, especially on our shopping trips. Way to long and clunky to maneuver. This would be just what Beau and I need to get around in (in style) ;)


  86. Laura Miller

    I visited the site and the blog….and OMG! I didn’t realize there were so many options! This is pretty incredible! Thank you, I will have to put this on my registry!

  87. Camilla Coleman Brooks

    I visited both the website and the blog. The Orbit Baby G3 is my DREAM stroller (seriously, I’m obsessed with it!!), but sadly buying one does not fit our budget. I would absolutely love to win this giveaway. I know that my husband and I would put it to good use with our little one, who is 6 months old, and our future children. My son would love the option of being able to face in all different directions and not being woken up if he falls asleep in his car seat (our car seat isn’t compatible with our current stroller :( ) I love the unique design and function of this stroller and I’d be beyond grateful to win! *fingers are crossed*

  88. Maria Leino

    Love Orbit Baby! My youngest is ready for a new convertible seat, and this is perfect! He accompanies me on preschool drop offs for big brother, and this would make that so much easier! Great giveway! And yes, I visited the blog and website. I didn’t know they had a blog. Future reader here!

  89. Erin Gerton Wagner

    Looks like a great morning! Visited the site and blog, happy to discover your blog through Orbit. I hope he sidekick is in the package, because the whole set-up looks perfect!

  90. Sydney O.

    I never knew Orbit had a blog!! And – I feel silly admitting this – I never ONCE thought about turning the seat sideways to fit next to the table! You’ve just about doubled my love/need for the Orbit stroller system!!!

  91. Jill

    I’ve been eyeing Orbit products since being introduced to it by a friend. I have visited their wesbite and their blog as well as registering for their products. But wouldn’t it be a nice surprise to win! Thanks for hosting this give away!

  92. Holly Marie

    I have a toddler and a sweet baby girl and this looks PERFECT!!! This would make my life so much easier! Crossing my fingers and toes!

  93. Nicole

    I’ve never needed to win anything the way I need to win this. Website visited and i oogled the goodies! Love love love!

  94. Jessica West

    Would LOVE to win the orbit. Visited the site and the blog. After finally beating infertility it would be a great item to make life a little easier! P.S. You are your family are beautiful!

  95. Jessica Ramirez

    Learn so much on the orbit baby website and their Blog. I’m loving your blog TOO! Thank you for the chance!

  96. Lydia Towell

    Visited both sites, did not see a place to enter on their sites though or something to prove. that I have been to the sites. I would love an orbit baby not only because of the great safety record they have, organic materials and extremely easy to use but also for my husband. I love him dearly but baby gear is not his strong suit, So anything to make it easier for him is an added bonus! Fingers crossed.

  97. Lauren Grant

    What a fun giveaway, thanks so much for the great opportunity! Visited both and I love this Orbit stroller, functional but also so gorgeous. I would love to have this stroller for baby #2, can’t wait to see who wins! Congratulations on your new blog!

  98. Danielle

    How awesome is this giveaway! I’ve visited both sites and love their products. I have three boys (ages: 1,3 &5) This stroller is amazing and would be a huge blessing.

  99. Kathryn

    Our daughter is sooo over her infant seat. The orbit system is my favorite one on the market – I’d love to win!! -K

    1. Genevieve O.

      And, yes, I visited the site ! Hope I win so that my little bit can make the stroller look better, too

  100. Maria Panameno

    Great blog! Awesome giveaway as well! I want to win this stroller for my goddaughter and I hope I win!

  101. Julia Mehrmann

    I visited the site and blog! First baby is on the way and we would be over the moon to win this giveaway. Thank you for hosting!!

  102. Kate

    I just found out that i was pregnant last week and have been eye-ing this stroller!! I love everything from Orbit. I visited their website and blog :)

  103. Dylan Carlisle

    I visited the website and blog at my wife’s request. She would love to win this stroller!

  104. Tina b

    My husband and I love the orbit! We actually just registered for it and we keep joking “nothing but the best for lil man!” Haha. Went to the site and blog-would love to win it!

  105. Katie Mora

    Visiting the OrbitBaby website and blog are daily occurrences these days! I have been eyeing this sweet ride for a while.. would love to stroll in style with my little man due in November!

  106. Erin

    oh my, i’m speechless to how much this stroller + carseat could benefit our growing family. what a blessing this giveaway would be. and of course, i visited both sites.

  107. Alexis

    I love this stroller so stylish and would definitely be excited to possible owning one. My little man would love it for walks.

  108. Kayla Young

    Loving the blog, and Orbit’s blog! Milo’s in desperate need of a convertible seat, and we’re planning baby #2 so this would be a life saver!

  109. Jessica Martinez

    Done and done :). I especially enjoyed reading your blog. Orbit baby picked such a beautiful family to represent. This would be a saving grace for us as we are slowly saving up for it. Thanks for the chance!

  110. Michael

    I visited your blog and the orbit baby blog. I’m a stay at home dad and this car seat and stroller would help myself and my wife out so much. I like the sleek design of the orbit baby products and want something easy to install.

  111. Ashly Johnson

    What an amazing giveaway!! Orbit is such a great brand and all their stuff is gorgeous!! Went to website & blog as well :)

  112. Hannah Wallner

    So excited about this giveaway, I was just looking at Orbit strollers yesterday and now I found this amazing giveaway!! I love the website & I love hoe the blog shows little collages like the Newborn Essentials, so lovely! Thank you for this opportunity.. fingers crossed we win!

  113. Kelly Bialick

    I checked out the Orbit Baby website and blog and have fallen in love with the Double Helix, it would be so perfect for our growing family!

  114. Erin

    Thanks for the opportunity to win such a rad stroller! I’ve visited both sites and my fingers are crossed!

  115. Floriza

    My little man has out grown his infant orbit baby G2. Definitely need this sleek all black G3 in our lives! Pick us! :)

  116. Baxley Williams

    visited both! I’ve had my eyes on this stroller for quite some time now! it would be such a blessing to win this (:

  117. Taryn Rogers

    I am currently 8 months pregnant with our second baby, we would love nothing more than to win an Orbit! We’ve been looking at Orbit since we had our son Finn, 20 months ago and with my husband in law school, we just couldn’t bite the bullet, so to speak! It would make our whole year and our son’s too, he would LOVE riding along with baby sister. Thank you! xo

  118. Tara Canterbury

    Visited both sites, and the Orbit looks so sleek! I follow you on Instagram and love your photos.
    My fiancé and I have a little girl, three months old. Who currently uses a hand-me-down stroller that has seen better days! It would be awesome to give her something cute and comfortable and new. And who knows, we’re young, and madly in love….it may see baby number two and one day we’d need the stroller board too! ;)
    Thanks for this opportunity, fingers crossed over here!

  119. Jessica Lewless

    I love love love the Orbit baby stroller! And the sidekick board is awesome! I checked out website and blog for the giveaway purposes, however, I’ll definitely be book-marking the blog as a weekly read! Can’t wait to see the giveaway results for this stylish and convenient stroller! Fingers crossed!!☺️

  120. Allison Bomengen

    You’re family is beautiful Kelly! I visited the orbitbaby blog! I didn’t know they had a blog until now. Thanks!

  121. Sierra Jones

    I visited both sites and it’d be a dream come true to win anything from Orbit baby. It would be so well loved for our baby and all the others to come. The g3 and all of orbit’s products are great!

  122. Brittni

    This stroller would make such a great addition to my little family! Everything I do is for my sweet girl and being able to provide her with this gem would be so amazing!! Lots of luck to all! XO

  123. Sarah

    Visited both! I can’t even begin to tell you how much this would help our family right now! We just had a baby and our family is now fostering a 2 year old (unplanned) and we don’t have anything for her. If she could hop on this amazing stroller it would be a game changer. It would be such a huge blessing to win!

  124. Amanda Hanson

    Visited both! This would be awesome to win. Make going around town and on trips with baby so much more enjoyable for everyone!

  125. Kayla Wright!

    Visited both! Would sooo love to win this! I have twin 9 month old boys and sometimes i only want to push one and the big double stroller can be obnoxious…

  126. Meg isard

    I visited the website and blog what beautiful products would love to win for my new little man on the way :)

  127. Natasha A

    Orbit website + blog visited! What an awesome contest; it’s kinda the perfect travel system and I’d LOVE to win! 3 kids, busy life, always on the go; this setup would rock my (and my kids’) world! I’m really glad you started blogging, your Instagram rocks! Good luck everyone!

  128. Nancy

    I visited the website and blog, crossing my fingers! You make motherhood look effortless by the way.

  129. Stephanie Fernandez

    I always stare when I see moms walking around with the orbits. They look so perfect!! But Sadly with will be the best thing I’ll never have. I’m a stay at home mom and can’t afford it. Maybe one day…

  130. Nabila Reyes

    I went on orbits website and fell in love with their products! They look so awesome. And their blog gives you great suggestions on products. I would love to win especially since I’m pregnant and in need of a stroller.

  131. Morgan

    Hi! I visited both sites, your blog is awesome and your family is beyond adorable! The new Orbit looks amazing, so sleek! Whenever I see someone with one I have to stop and check it out. I have twins who are five and didn’t get to experience a super snazzy stroller with them, just a big bulky double! Now that I’m 7 months pregnant with baby girl #3 I would love to experience the sleek versatile Orbit! I don’t think I could ever get the hubs to buy one so I really hope we win! Thanks so much!

  132. Keli Andresen

    Checked out the website and blog. This stroller is amazing. My 2 year old would LOVE the ride on part. And my 11 month old would love being able to look at momma or the world around her. So cool!

  133. Genesis Aguilar

    I visited both, the website and blog. I love how you can build your own stroller with different add-ons and color schemes. Definitely a newborn essential!

  134. kellyamcknight

    Visited both their site and blog! I would love to win a stroller from orbit. With another on the way making me a mama of three under 3, I would really LOVE to win. I definitely LOVE the kickboard option along with the Helix for a double. We’ve been also searching for a new car seat for baby #3 so winning this would be the biggest thing EVER!!!!!!!!! I absolutely love your blog and really hope to WIN this giveaway it’s much needed right now. Thanks Kelly xoxo

  135. Michelle Mckibben

    Visited both sites and wow I’m super outdated in the baby gear department. I’m two months in with our third and hand-me-downs have been a no brainer. BUT would love to win the giveaway! Love being a mommy more than anything !

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  137. Margeaux Fraunfelter

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  138. Alicia

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  139. Anaisa Monsivais

    I would totally love to win this. It would help me out so much; you have no idea, it’s so beautiful and does so much.

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