October 15, 2014

Fall Fashion Picks

Something about not needing to wear cut-offs and v-necks every day makes this season so welcomed. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good pair of cut-off shorts, but I miss denim and not needing to shave my legs every other day, ha! I tend to buy a lot of basics that can transfer between seasons effortlessly without being too on-trend, stretching my wardrobe and budget that much further. I’m also notorious for having the same piece of clothing for three to five years, some even since high school, and I think that has a lot to do with staying with a more neutral palate. Here is what I’m loving–

Fall Tops

I think a couple of plaid button downs (easy access to nursing Ivy if she’s in a carrier), a graphic tee, comfy sweatshirt, and a couple blouses that can go from day to night are all I’m really needing this season.

 Fall coat + dresses

To be honest, I don’t even own a coat, but I think it would look a little something like this if I did! I’ve worn the same army green anorak jacket, that I bought in the men’s department at h&m, since I was pregnant it Grey… it was the only jacket I could find to fit a growing pregnancy bump. Ace & Jig just knows textiles, I’ll be living in this duster all season and think this dress would be a nice addition. Buffalo plaid, need I say more? I have three tops in my closet with this print but I’m trying to wear dresses more often since they’re so easy!

Fall hats + pants

I had the perfect black hat, but Seb threw up on it (yay lactose intolerance). Replacing it with this one was a good idea. My Leader Bag is so, so perfect for fall (waterproof canvas), and the best part is the diaper clutch that I can take out at night with me for date night. A good beanie to hide frizzy hair due to morning fog is always a plus. You can’t beat the price of these skinnies, thinking a matte legging will be perfect with flannels this fall, and I live in these jeans.

Fall shoes

Shoes, my weakness! And since my foot grew to an obscene number while I was pregnant with Ivy (shout out to my size 10.5/11 club), I’ve been slowly restocking my shoe department. These clogs are so great for slightly dressing up a casual look while still being comfortable. I’m a sucker for leopard and ankle booties, so naturally these couldn’t be better. A pair of nude flats, they go with everything! I see fewer people wearing flats, but they’ll always be my go-to “mom” shoe. These sneakers, the color and comfort are a win-win. Loving the d’orsay trend. And I am wearing these when my kids do… yes, all four of us are matching. I’m cheesy like that.


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