February 27, 2015

Foot Cardigan – Whippersnappers

footcardigan-1footcardigan-2 footcardigan-4 footcardigan-3-2 footcardigan-5How cute are these socks!? Foot Cardigan sent these over to Grey and Seb, as part of their new Whippersnappers kids subscription. The boys were so ecstatic to get mail for themselves and wasted no time in trying these rad socks on. The best part? Each month, a new set of socks are delivered right to your door. A fun thing for kiddos to look forward to!

Sign your favorite kiddos up to get two pairs of funky fresh socks in the mail every month for just $11! That’s like 12.36 packs of bubblegum, minus the cavities and plus really cool socks that all the kids will dig. If you know and love a tiny person age 3-­12, this will most definitely be the coolest mail they’ve ever gotten. You can sign up here! Super easy.

Thanks Foot Cardigan!