May 23, 2015

For Ivy Scout

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Where do I even begin? I am only writing this because sweet Ivy is scooting around the halls with her Daddy, and I have a few minutes with a Ivy-free lap. This week has been a whirlwind, to say the least. I guess I should start with a where, what, how, when, and WHY? All questions I constantly keep asking myself.

On Monday, May 18th, we took her in for a well baby check-up, and I had mentioned to the doctor my concerns about her bruising. Ivy is a tough cookie (with two older brothers, you kind of have to be), and the doctor shrugged them off because they were mainly on her legs. I am an advocate, as most of you are/should be, and really pushed for a blood test just to see if there was something wrong. I assumed it was anemia and that we would get a iron-rich diet handout and be on our way. I was wrong, so wrong. Tuesday, May 19th, we went in for the blood test in the afternoon and that evening we were called to immediately come in and admit Ivy Scout to the Oncology Unit. Wednesday, the 20th, was full of tests on tests on tests, and on Thursday, May 21st, we found out news that no parent wants to hear– our tender little sweetheart was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. 

Again, this week has been a blur. It still doesn’t feel real, and it didn’t really hit me until Ivy received her first dose of chemotherapy last night. And at the moment I realized that we are treating cancer, giving our daughter horrible, rough, medicines, to fight something even worse.

We received great news that the leukemia hadn’t yet reached her spinal fluid. We are so relieved, and even smiled so much last night knowing we were on the right track and that we are hoping to beat this cancer. We have a long recovery ahead of us, and I say recovery because our sweet girl is such a fighter. I have read every comment, and a friend sent me this one– A little meaning behind the name Ivy– The Druids prized the ivy plant as a symbol for tenacity and determination: ivy  can grow, spread, and flourish under many conditions – cultivated land or wasteland, in light or near darkness, fertile soil or upon rubble and stones. It will push its way through tiny cracks and crevices to reach the light and is strong and difficult to destroy. 

We appreciate everyone taking time to think about, pray for, and uplift Ivy in her recovery. Thank you to each and every one of you for the prayers, the love, the encouragement during this time of uncertainty. I knew this community was strong, but the support we have felt over the last five days hasn’t gone unnoticed, and has helped lift our spirits. We will never be able to say thank you enough.


19 thoughts on “For Ivy Scout

  1. Leanne

    I’ve been following your Instagram since Seb was a baby and I’ve loved watching your family grow. You inspire me so much to live creatively and fully. When I become a mom one day, I hope to be half as good as you. It brought tears to my eyes to see that post about Ivy. I’ve been praying non stop and plan to donate to your gofundme as much as I can. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help. I know we don’t know each other, but in a way, your family means something to me because you guys inspire me. I know Ivy will kick this cancer’s ass. And she’ll live a full and amazing legacy of that strength. That comment about her name is incredible! She’s definitely gonna push up through the cracks and continue to grow :)

  2. Chrissy Powers

    Kelly, I don’t even know where to start or what to say but that you are one of the best moms I know. You love you children with such sweet and furious love and it’s inspiring. Getting to know you and your kids has been such a blessing to me. It warms my heart every time Waylon says, “where my baby “Eyeby” go?” He may have shoved her a few times but he loves her. ;) We all do; she is an old soul that is going to do amazing things in this world. I’m so glad I know her and get to see her do it all, starting with beating cancer at 20 months. I tear up reading the meaning and strength of her name…what truth there is behind that! You’re never not on my mind and heart. We’re praying for all of you and will be your support through this entire journey. Loves of love.

  3. Sarah Lightfoot

    Iam a mother from the UK whom starting following you & your beautiful family when Ivy was born, I had a daughter on the same day & have loved every minute of watching Ivy grow alongside my own. I cannot begin to imagine the week your family have endured but hope in some small way that you will feel that the surge of love and prayers sent by your followers like myself during these stormy waters & they will help in carrying you until you are back into the calm & eventually you are once again stood on the beach looking out. Sending lots of love to little Ivy who is indeed a fighter & very aptly named and Iam 100% sure will kick this & to your boys whom clearly adore their sister and to you and Anthony – God bless all of you & lots and love of love xxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Emilie

    Such a beautiful meaning behind your daughter’s name…! I just want to send you the best vibes ever from France and I pray for Ivy’s quick recovery.
    You have a strong family, full of love and I’m sure you’ll be just fine. xxxxxxxxxxxx from the French Riviera

  5. Annie from Brimful

    Kelly – you already know how much we love and admire your family. You’ve been on our hearts and minds so much the last few days! Thanks for taking the time to update us!

  6. Anna Botannacals

    Thank God you followed your momma-instincts. Ivy is so lucky to have an ever vigilant mama like you. She’s just as headstrong as you’ve confessed to being and together you can beat this. Praying for you guys every step of the way. Thank you for sharing – my son is the same age as Ivy and this is awareness for us. Xo

  7. Jenni

    I have been following you on Instagram since the birth of my 18 month old son. Beau and I have been praying for Ivy the past several nights at bedtime. Stay strong! Sending love from Nebraska! More prayers on the way.

  8. Yana (supayana)

    Dear Kelly- I am so sorry to hear that you are going through this stressful and scary time with your daughter. I know Ivy will pull through this! She seems like a determined little lady! Good for you for going with your intuition and asking for a blood test. You’re a great mom. Sending you lots of good vibes and all of my best wishes to you and your family.

  9. Karianne

    Dear Kelly. I will keep you in my thoughts and send you strenght love and positivity. Your beautiful little girl will beat this! ❤️ Little sisters are so fierce, and with a name so strong and a family so loving, this will soon just be a distant memory. I cant even begin to imagine how you must feel but know we are here rooting for you all ❤️❤️❤️

  10. Amie Cunningham

    Dear Kelly and Family,
    Much love from my family to yours through this difficult time with sweet Ivy. I absolutely loved hearing the back story behind her name, she is going to beat this for sure! Sending prayers and love from Canada.

  11. Allyson Mandry

    I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you since I heard the news. Ivy is so blessed you are her mama and that you advocated for her on such a powerful level. My heart and prayers go out to your baby- and to you, Anthony and the boys, and I won’t stop praying. That’s wonderful news that it hasn’t reached the spinal fluid- that line made me cry. I keep picturing your family in the oncology unit (I used to volunteer on the Peds oncology unit in nursing school) and when I saw that pic you just posted of the boys pushing Ivy in the wagon…. THAT made my day. She is so lucky to have her brothers around to still play with and make her laugh. Hang in there, mama. I know you are strong and you can do this. Xoxo.

  12. Raluca

    Kelly – I am so overwhelmed for you and so in awe of the strength and power you put forth in this post. Please know you have so many virtual friends rooting for you all, especially little Ivy, and sending strength and love your way. xx

  13. Shanna

    I realize you are being flooded with comments/phone calls/texts right now, but I have to tell you this on the small chance you have time to read it. My older sister was diagnosed with ALL when she was 6 years old. This was back in 1986. She was barely hanging on to her life by the time she even got a proper diagnosis (one my dad had to fight for, just like you). Well, she beat it. And she beat it during a time when medicine was not like it is today; kids didn’t win this battle back then. She has gone on to live a healthy and full life. Please be encouraged by this! I have no doubts that Ivy will slay this thing. Genuinely praying for her and your family.

  14. Kishelle

    Sending lots of love & prayers from Seattle! Stay strong mama & keep smiling for that fighter! #ivystrong

  15. Jenn Cornelius

    I just heard about Ivy’s story through a friend. I am so sorry for sweet Ivy and for your family. My daughter Sinatra was diagnosed with high risk ALL in December 2013 and 15 months old. We are still in treatment and will be until May 2016 and remember exactly how you must be feeling right now. Your whole world has been rocked. It is a new normal. It’s awful and scary and is the most painful experience you can possibly imagine.
    It gets better. Still really scary but better.
    If you ever need a friend please reach out. I’d love to talk. Take care of yourself Kelly and give sweet Ivy endless kisses.
    Take care, Jenn

  16. Ivy pluchinsky

    Sending prayers and love from Canada! Ivy is really a unique name, I haven’t met too many Ivy’s!

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