May 11, 2015

Sebastian’s Fourth Birthday

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Sebastian turned four last week and in true Seb form, asked for a train birthday. I was hoping to throw him a taco party since his birthday is Cinco de Mayo, and we had a train party last year, but no ma’am! Kid knows what he likes and I think it says something about him to still be so interested in the same thing. We took our immediate family out to Campo, which is a little over two and a half hours away, to ride the Gold State train at the Pacific Southwest Railway Museum.  Sebastian was so happy. That sounds vague :) but I’ve never seen him so still and quiet. just taking it all in. It was a great way to start his fourth year around the sun.

I’m learning to let go of expectations as a parent, and I owe that all to my children. I used to go crazy for birthday parties! Kind of sad now looking back. And don’t get me wrong, I love planning and creating, but there is so much more than decor and food. This is the first year I’m fully letting go of over the top parties,so I can focus on being present and creating memories they can always look back on.


5 thoughts on “Sebastian’s Fourth Birthday

  1. Cookie Ayles

    Sebastian was in Train heaven, he was so excited with every thing he saw an touched . It was so exciting to see him get so excited about every thing he saw . On the Train ride he would share about every thing he saw and did and what the train did too. It was a great day to see him look and move around the train and the Train yard, so much for his little mind to take in , but he soaked it all up . His dreams that nite must have been so great. Each year will be a thrill to see him grow. What are you going to teach us this year. Can t wait to experience it with you Sebby.

  2. Sonya

    What a sweet celebration. I’m a little party obsessed myself, but I’ve decided age 5 is my letting go age. He looks like he had a great time!

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