October 6, 2014

Sunday, a series.

Sunday is our one day a week where the five of us are together, sun up to sun down. Anthony works like a mad man (thanks babe), all for us, and I’m sure there are some days where he would like nothing more than to rest all day. I try to have something lined up for us all to do and enjoy since it’s the one day I’m not single-parenting. Selfish? Maybe… but I know the kids love having both of us around all day, too. There are some things I’m still a little anxious to do “alone,”  but I think this coming year will be easier– at least I hope!

This last Sunday I had planned to go apple picking but the drought here in San Diego is so bad that the apples were already gone! I was so bummed. The boys and Anthony decided on Legoland, so off we went. It was pretty empty, and I was able to ride the roller coasters with Grey while Anthony stayed with Seb and Ivy. Super fun! I can’t wait for next Sunday though, we’ll be headed to the pumpkin patch.

Have a great week, xx!