January 5, 2015

Sunday, Snow Day

palomarmtn-jan15 palomarmtn-jan15-2 palomarmtn-jan15-4 palomarmtn-jan15-6 palomarmtn-jan15-10 palomarmtn-jan15-14 palomarmtn-collage-1 palomarmtn-jan15-16 palomarmtn-jan15-18 palomarmtn-jan15-29 palomarmtn-jan15-11 palomarmtn-jan15-19 palomarmtn-jan15-20 palomarmtn-jan15-23 palomarmtn-jan15-13 palomarmtn-jan15-9 palomarmtn-collage-3 palomarmtn-collage-2 palomarmtn-collage-4 palomarmtn-jan15-33 palomarmtn-jan15-34 palomarmtn-jan15-36Can you believe it? Snow! 45 miles away from our house! The kids have been wanting to see snow for a few months, and with Anthony’s busy work week it was hard to commit to a cabin for a weekend. Luckily, for us, Southern California received a crazy amount of snow the day after New Years. We headed up to Palomar Mountain with our friends, The Moyers, and had some good old-fashioned snow fun– snow ball fights, sledding, and a few slips ;) This was a great welcome into 2015, and an even greater way to say so long to the holidays.