May 16, 2015


ivyscoutforsupayana-7 ivyscoutforsupayana-8 ivyscoutforsupayana-10 ivyscoutforsupayana-16I’ve been a long time Supayana fan, dating back to 2011 with the release of her Space Cat Legging that I had to have (thanks to James of Bleubird, of course). So when she contacted me about sending Ivy a few pieces of her new Spring/Summer collection, I was thrilled! You can see the strawberry dress in our strawberry fields post, and the poppy dress right here. I have always had a special place in my heart for Etsy sellers that are still sewing by hand, piece by piece. The quality of the fabric is amazing and the items are just so fun!

Supayana is a women’s and baby/kids clothing line designed by Yana Gorbulsky. Yana’s unique designs feature digitally printed fabric with illustrations from Montreal based artists. All of the pieces are sewn by Yana herself or an assistant seamstress so it’s a small shop and the designs are all made in limited supply. She just released her new line yesterday, and you can see more on her Instagram!