May 1, 2015

The Laundress


Spring Cleaning… have you started? I think I spent all of April scrubbing, dusting, rearranging, and purging closets! Though, there is nothing worse than feeling great about a clean space yet simultaneously feeling guilty about the harsh chemical scent most store-bought cleaners put out there.  That is, until l discovered The Laundress.

Their products are eco-friendly, free of allergens, and even bio-degradable. I definitely appreciate the natural (amazing) smell of these products and feel more comfortable with my littlest babe helping me wipe down mirrors and cabinets while using The Laundress solutions.

thelaundress-1-2 thelaundress-3 thelaundress-11The Laundress is currently offering a 30-Day Clean Home Challenge, inviting you guys to ditch the cleaners you’ve been using and try their solutions! You can get 120$ worth of product for 80$ here, or 20% off of three products on the site with the code BLUERSEA20.




Are there any cleaning tools or products you can’t live without? I’d love to hear, and I can guarantee that using these products along with your favorite tools will make cleaning something to look forward to!


This post is sponsored by The Laundress, a natural cleaning solutions company that we use and believe in.


7 thoughts on “The Laundress

  1. Brianne

    Vacuum! And lemon essential oil. I’ve got two little boys who just love to make messes ;)

  2. Kallie B

    I try to trade off using compostable cleaning wipes and rags (from my daughter’s cloth diapering days) with a natural spray. I know it’s better and less waste to use the rags, but if I’m honest, my go-to is the container of wipes!

  3. Ashley

    Dying to win this! I just found out about this company a few weeks ago and they sound awesome. With a new baby, I’ve suddenly turned freak about natural products!

    Our most used cleaning supply is our little vacuum!

  4. Shayla M.

    Whether I’m cleaning kitchen crumbs, wiping a dirty mirror, or drying countertops, my go-to cleaning tools are kitchen towels! They’re simple and universal for cleaning but more importantly they last long (paper towels magically disappear in our home).

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