October 27, 2014

Tractors + Trains

tractor-train tractor-train-2 tractor-train-7 tractor-train-3 tractor-train-collage1 tractor-train-5 tractor-train-9 tractor-train-4 tractor-train-collage2 tractor-train-6 tractor-train-collage3 tractor-train-8

Two Sundays ago, we stumbled upon a Tractor and Steam Engine Festival. It was a nice surprise, and all of the kids equally enjoyed themselves. I think we were pleasantly surprised that such a random event could hold our attention, ha. I live for Sundays like these, even if it included eating fast-food in a parking lot while we were waiting for an open house… Oh, yeah, we’re moving. Unexpectedly, but the house we are currently in is going up for sale! To say we’re stressed is an understatement– but I know as long as we are all together, all will be well.

This last Sunday was Greysen’s Spooky Sixth birthday party and those pictures will be up soon. I can’t believe my baby is six, but more on that later, too :)


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