February 19, 2015


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There’s nothing better than kids and babies fresh out of the tub. After going through a bottle of Tubby Todd and spilling my newfound Tubby Todd love to co-owner/creator Andrea at a local dinner, which then led to receiving more soap and a new bubbles/lotion combo, I can honestly say that while drying the kids off after their baths and shower, I sniff their sweet heads ten times.. and then, while nursing Ivy to sleep an hour after said bath definitely includes smelling those sweet hands and fuzzy head so hard I wonder if I’m borderline insane (all Mother’s are slightly are insane though, J.D. Salinger says so!). Anyways, it really takes me loving and obsessing over a product to make a blog post about it. So no, this isn’t a paid post, and yes I strongly believe Tubby Todd is the best all around bath co. currently out there.

Prior to Andrea reaching out when Tubby Todd first started, I only used Mustela. If you don’t know Mustela, it’s pretty pricey, but to me it was worth it because my children, like yours I’m sure, struggle with sensitive skin and/or eczema. So it’s not like I went from J&J to Tubby Todd; I’d like to think I was an “experienced children’s bath soap connoisseur” considering I’ve been using “high-end” bath soap for the last six and a half years. But enough of that, Tubby Todd is the real deal. As soon as you peel off that nice protective seal, the all natural lavender and lily aromas dive right into you like a giant scent bomb. No joke. Tubby Todd has worked hard to create a safe, eco-friendly, natural soap that smells good to boot. And it cleans. Really cleans. My kids are dirty, y’all. They get into everything and play outside like they’ve never seen the sun, but Tubby Todd kicks the nasty grime right off of them. The wash is thick, not watery like most other natural soaps, and lathers up like a dream.

The best part? The owners are awesome. I, as a consumer, have loved connecting with these families and mothers who put their whole heart and life into a product. Not just any product either, products that are amazing, useful, and sometimes life changing. That sounds dramatic– but soap is something you need. Always. You can order right here and have it conveniently delivered right to your front door, that way you won’t ever forget it at Target with antsy kids and an overflowing list ;)


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